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An intelligent voice assistant for community safety and security departments to ​unify disparate security technology systems and simplify public safety workflows.

Open Standard Smart Community Advanced Responder

Our Mission

To Accelerate Making the World a Safer Place

We are on a mission to improve and innovate the safety and efficiency of community and military responders and security professionals while equally delivering a safer, more secure and cleaner environment for the public.​

Now more than ever innovative solutions are needed to address urgent challenges experienced by the community, our first responders and security professionals who choose to serve and protect the public.  Renegade6 recognizes that technology should be a key factor in solving these problems and should not be the limiting factor to achieving innovative solutions and positive change.

Based on my experiences in law enforcement, defense and commercial industries, I believe the technical focus should be on transforming the architecture and backend layers in order to truly transform the frontend user experiences and be postured for improved data interoperability and automation, future data streams and even greater security and safety challenges faced by our communities. It's clear that commercial modernization is far outpacing government sectors in most areas, and our current initiatives from government to industry are simply not adapting fast enough.  Therefore, in order to accelerate innovation in the community-public safety domain, Renegade6 has chosen to focus on building an open source platform and humbly leading a movement, specific to public safety and physical security.  We want to foster greater collaboration, give organizations more freedom, reduced lifecycle costs for software, more freedom to modify and less vendor lock-in.  Our initial focus will be on re-imagining emergency responder experiences with the patrol vehicle - an essential transport and tool for community safety and policing.  

In addition, we believe the advances in the electric vehicle industry have matured sufficiently that public safety departments can begin their transformation to a more operationally efficient and environmently friendly mode of transportation.  Renegade6 will seek to accelerate this transformation across the world.

      Join us on this challenging journey to accelerate and achieve innovation to make the world a safer place for all.   - Ron Parungao, CEO